Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Don't you just hate it when Jude Law breaks into your house? The missus and I were working late, as we had been for two weeks straight. When it finally came time to clock out, we weren't looking forward to what little was left of our evening: making out the bills, changing the litter box, washing the pile of dishes, let alone making dinner. We were both feeling like maybe we should go out to eat, and we both knew if we did that we would regret it, because that would give us even less time to do the chores before retiring for the evening. But we decided we were worth it, and treated ourselves. And of course, when we got back to our residence, we discovered that Jude Law had broken into our house again. He had washed all the dishes, changed the litter box, and made us a four course dinner. Damn it, Jude Law.